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Did Hugh Grant Break Up With Girlfriend Over Valentine’s Day Snub?


Newly single actor Hugh Grant has hinted he ditched Jemima Khan because she disappointed him on Valentine's Day. The pair ended their relationship just two days after the most romantic date on the calendar - a day Grant insists he takes "extremely seriously."

Tango’s Take

This seems just like something that a Hugh Grant character would do. With the exception of the prostitute fiasco, has Grant ever done anything publicly that one of his characters would not do? While Tango appreciates sensitive guys, this is a little extreme. He’s likely just preparing for his next role, in which he plays a likeable rascal who has never had to work hard for anything, just gotten by on charm and good looks. What’s going to happen next? Is Ralph Fiennes going to get in an embarrassing situation and come off like a victim?

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