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Why Marriage Is Good For You

Get hitched, live longer!? A new book hopes to help you discover how.

Can marriage help you live longer?It turns out marriage, like spinach and daily cardio, is not only good for you—it could prolong your life. According to the American Journal of Sociology, 88% of married men live to the age of 65, while only 63% of never-married men, 65% of divorced men, and 69% of widowed men do. (%*$#hhem...yes, that's the sound of us clearing our collective throats because there's nary a mention of how long we women can expect to keep kickin'.) But, a new book, The Good-For-You Marriage: How a Better Marriage Can Improve Your Health, Prolong Your Life, and Ensure Your Happiness, hopes to help both halves of married couples find and keep the kind of relationship that's akin to eating a lifetime of Wheaties. We hope the advice works—and not just because it's just the kind of resolution-y thing we love sinking our teeth into this time of year. Available at



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